MC Solution takes pride in being able to offer our clients a wide range of assistance in recovering their monetary assets. Complete with the option to engage in legal proceedings and a highly experienced team of personnel from Debt Recovery Officers to Lawyers, we assure you that whichever path you choose with us; we will be there for you every step of the way.

Our engagement tenures are based on a Quarterly basis. Clients may choose to sign on with us for 3, 6, 9 or 12months depending on their preference. The chosen category of services that you would like us to execute for you will then be planned and scheduled to be phased out over your chosen period of time. Our Recovery Phases are as follows:

Investigations & Case Research

Conducting a detailed analysis and study on the application and supporting documents that have been submitted to us. We will carry out an extensive research on the matter and subsequently provide a status report which will advise you on the best ways to breach the debtor.

Skip Tracing

Establishing an Initial Point of Contact with the Debtor and making our presence in the case known; Subsequently contacting him on a constant and regular basis for the engaged period of time through soft measures such as calls, text messages and mailing out Letters of Demand.

Personal Point of Contact

Conducting personal visits by dispatch officers to personally deliver the Letter of Demand into the hands of the Debtor or his next of kin/family members/colleagues to ensure that the people surrounding him are aware of his debt thereby pressuring him to take responsibility.

Tactical Negotiations

Deploying Debt Recovery Officers to track down and proceed with an aggressive tactic to recover the client’s assets. Officers will be deployed at all known addresses and will be equipped with Debt Recovery banners and vest cameras to ensure the maximum amount of exposure is gained to the Debtor and his situation.

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