Depending on the timeframe and phases on which you engage us for, we are proud in being able to present you with our highly experienced, versatile and tactical teams:

Team Alpha:

The Alpha Team act as the heartbeat of our operations. They are the personnel with whom you will be interacting with on a first line of contact basis. Team Alpha will then be the ones who will completely analyse, research and study your case files before presenting you with a detailed case report on what your best options are to proceed with recovering your losses. Subsequently, Team Alpha shall also be the team to initiate a first point of contact with the Debtor through a series of phone calls and text messages to establish the baseline of the situation.

Team Bravo:

Team Bravo will be our Dispatch Team who will be in-charge of tracking down and delivering Letters of Demand to the debtor. They will be the first line of physical contact that Debtors will encounter from MC Solution and they will be the primary establishers who will report back with a physical analysis report of the Debtor.

Team Charlie:

Team Charlie shall act as our strongest and most aggressive line of approach with the Debtor. Our Charlie Team comprises of highly trained, strong and assertive personnel who will persevere through whatever is thrown their way and remain focused on the objective at hand regardless of duration, situation or scenario. Team Charlie comprises of personnel who are always ready and alert for a wide range of possibilities and are superbly capable of being versatile enough to tackle any of them.

Legal Team:

Our Legal Team comprises of advocates and lawyers with decades of experience and knowledge in the financial and legal industry. They are highly capable and well versed in assisting you to get to the root of the problem and obtaining maximum results for you that will be beneficiary for all parties concerned. Regardless of the magnitude of the situation, our legal team will stop at nothing to achieve favourable and winning results for you.

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